21 foods to boost your metabolism 

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Tired of exercising and perpetual dieting to exhaustion and not seeing results? 

What if you knew the specific foods that were best for revving up your metabolism?


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No matter how much you exercise, how much you fix your diet, sometimes it’s just not enough to lose the weight.  If your metabolism is stuck in neutral, it’s almost impossible to lose weight successfully.  Fortunately, there is are some food that I use with my clients to boost their metabolism while applying other important changes as well.


Let me share these foods with you!

Hi! I’m Lobna


A Certified Holistic Health Coach through Institute of integrative nutrition, New York. I am also a nutritionist, Body image coach and selflove coach . 

I founded “Flourish with Lobna” after my own journey of healing from yoyo dieting , constant weight gain , struggling relationship with food and my body. I wanted everyone to feel as free and liberated as I felt when I turned that into a stable healthy weight, a great relationship with food and true self love that I have been transferring to my clients since 2017.

I help women who are ready to quiet yoyo dieting to lose weight without restriction so they can balance their relationship with food and love the skin they are in.


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