My Story & Certifications


Ever since I was 12  till I was 23 a big part of my life was about how much I weigh, the next diet I am going to go on and what my next cheat meal is going to be.My weight changed more than the seasons but the one thing that never changed was that I was always on a diet.

In my college years I developed a deep love for sports, studied fitness beside my original major and started working as a fitness instructor. I was very athletic back then and lived the fake glory of getting so many compliments for my body but the sad truth was that I was not healthy, my mind was not at peace and my relationship with food and my body was very far from normal.

Three  years later  I started getting multiple symptoms, including unexplained weight gain .I was later diagnosed with a  short term medical condition that is  caused by stress and crash dieting. It was not chronic thankfully but it could have become if I didn't stop under eating and over training.

According to my doctor, my only treatment was to completely stop working out and eat exactly what my body needs, sleep well and avoid all physical and mental stress until my body goes back to it's normal state.

It took it 1 very hard year but eventually it did and I am soo greateful to have my body and my health back now.

My Journey made me understand that health goes way beyond the way I look .I understood how damaging  extreme dieting can be physically, mentally and emotionally. It made me question why no one in the health and fitness world cared about my emotional wellbeing ,reminded me to love and appreciate my body or taught me how important my relationship to food is. I decided that a change needs to be made in the health and fitness world and that I want to be that change.

I studied Holistic Nutrition and Health coaching at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, New York. I was taught  not just how to lose weight but keep it off for good, have amazing energy and avoid 90% of this century's diseases through food and lifestyle. 

I didn't stop there but studied Nutrition science , nutrition planning and sports specific nutrition to make my targeted nutrition knowledge even stronger and earned my title as a Nutrition coach through Precision Nutrition.

Then I moved to training 1:1 with Lola Malika , a body image and self love healer in Bali and earned  my facilitator certificate through  METTA PILGRIMS as a certified body confidence and self love facilitator.


Since then I have been working with and studying body Image coaching to help all the women and girls struggling with that ,and finally I am also currently doing my masters in psychology at the UK which is allowing me to guide my clients on an even deeper level.

Because of having a very personal journey , I am able to strongly empathize with my clients and take close, good care of them and to hold a safe  space for them through their own journeys.  

My goal  is for every person I work with to get to their goal so they know they are capapble and stop worrying about weight. To  truly feel self love, enjoy food more than ever, feel free, whole , empowered, liberated and to "flourish" inside and out.