My Approach


Through my experience and through working with hundreds of clients . There is NO WAY you can look at food separately from how you feel, live and think. Food is not just what you eat. It's what you eat , when you eat and WHY you eat it. I can't tell you how many times I heard the statement " I was doing great and following through with my plan until suddenly I found myself binging out of control and I don't know why. Or I was determined not to eat at event X and then I suddenly found myself eating with everyone else ( duhh we humans need connections :) Or I gained soo much weight after major event X happened in my life . This is not just  emotional eating I am talking about, often , the way we eat is trying to show us something that is out of balance in our lives right now .


So weather you are someone who is simply looking for establishing a healthy lifestyle, or someone who just wants to lose some weight in a healthy and sustainable way or you are a chronic dieter who has been struggling for years, I look at you holistically as a unique person with a unique body , emotional and spiritual make up and guide you through your journey to your goal on what to eat while coaching you and holding you accountable on why you eat and other areas of your life that needs balance.

Hint: SELF LOVE is a big pillar in all my programs because if you don't love yourself and your body there is no way you can keep it healthy *wink wink*

Now look, I know what you are thinking .. All this sounds awesome, but will I lose weight?!

The truth is health coaching if not combined with targeted nutrition coaching and guidence doesn't work for weight loss.

This is why I combined both holistic health coaching with nutrition science in all my programs. I create a targeted weightless/ gain  plan with you on your very first session and show you exactly how to apply it to ensure you are losing weight throughout the process. you will be in a caloric deficit  ( getting less energy from food than what your body needs to burn ) without you even noticing and without putting you on another restrictive boring diet or keeping you counting every bite you eat like a machine. I have developed this system after years of experience  in the health and fitness world as a fitness teacher, health coach and sports nutritionist. It is very simple and very accurate. All you need is to follow my guidelines and recommendations and you will be seeing results every single week as we go .

My private programs are personalized to your body and emotional and mental makeup and I don't follow a one diet fits all approach with food.I help you understand the food that is causing your weight gain and give you the tools to  replace it  with other similarly enjoyable food that guarantees you see obvious body transformation all while having maximum energy and a great mood. All my plans are soo simple and flexible so that you don't feel like you have to pause your life to do them and you can't wait for this to be over to go back to your old habits which will keep you in that vicious dieting loop. My programs teach you consistency , balance and flexibility to be able to lose weight, create a healthy lifestyle that you can maintain and not let life pass you by while you do that. You can easily follow all my programs while working, traveling, eating out with friends or even having a busy schedule where you nearly have time to prepare and cook. I  teach you all the essential skills to maintain a healthy lifestyle long term like how to deal with cravings , emotional eating , and how to fulfill your hunger if you find it hard to control.I make sure you finally stop  waiting for that "cheat meal" and enjoy every meal instead. You will be surprised by how your cravings will vanish .  Everyone I worked with reports the same result after maximum two months

" I can't believe my cravings are gone , I don't even feel like I want to eat the food I used to crave  anymore" 

Sounds too good to be true right?! here is the catch !! I make it soo simple and I give you all the tools, but YOU DO ALL THE WORK!! :) if that sounds like something you are willing to give.. CHECK OUT MY PROGRAMS NOW and let's talk :)