Self love & body confidence program



What is self love?

"Self-love is a sense of intimacy with your own self

It is moving with pleasure

Breathing with joy

Being vulnerable and simultaneously invincible


Self-love is feeling at home in the safety of your own embrace


It is being kind towards yourself and others


Self-love allows you to be honest and authentic


It is your portal to happiness and your liberation from fear

Meet this beautiful stranger who is yourself

Love her, embrace her

What is Self-love?

Self-love is Home."

Lola Malika 

From my own journey and from working with hundreds of women to date , one thing seemed to be the root cause of most if not all suffering. Be it eating behavior related, weight related or even lack of purpose ,joy and inspiration or inability to find love. 


One thing that if healed, I see my clients literally grow their own wings to fly and have fulfilling, healthy ,flourishing lives.

I see them taking responsibility for their own happiness, deciding to finally quiet jobs that do not fulfill them, following their dreams, finding healthy relationships , quitting emotional eating and binge eating , embracing their bodies , becoming more confident and embracing their most authentic selves.

That thing is learning how to deeply and truly practice self love . 

Geared by Positive Psychology, Evolutionary Psychology , Breath-work and various ancient & contemporary healing practices. 


This program helps you navigate happiness, health and flourishing relationships with yourself, your body and others.

During this intense coaching program, you will be receiving unparalleled support, inspiration and encouragement from me every step of the way.


Program includes 

Program Includes:


-8 weekly private  sessions (60 mins each)

-Eating guidelines, Personalized to your goal and body as needed.

-5 days a week WhatsApp support to answer questions.

-Coaching exercises .

 -A google drive folder updated after each session with session notes , recommendations and handouts.

-Pre recorded videos when needed 

Location: online via zoom 

Investment :


7,500 LE or $460 for 8 sessions ( includes 1:1 support on food, lifestyle body confidence and self love for 8 weeks )

4,500 LE or $270 for 4 sessions ( includes 1:1 support  on self love and body confidence for 4 weeks )

1,500 LE or $100 for 1 session (no follow up included)

What to expect?

Before the program starts, I send you an interview to fill out for me as your coach to understand the areas you are specifically struggling with and personalize a journey to meet your personality type and your needs to take you from where you are to a place where you truly and fully love yourself and your body.


Most commonly tackled topics during sessions and practices:


-Finding The Cause of Suffering


Explaining the possible sources of a lack of Self-Love and Self-Esteem. Zooming in and reframing Negative Core Beliefs about yourself from their root cause.


-Nourishment through food and movement


-Step by step coaching on How to establish a healthy balanced lifestyle and how to quit emotional eating .

-How to have a great relationship to food and eat from a place of self love 

-Eating guidelines personalized to your body and goals

-Finding joy in movement ​

- Building body confidence 

Learning how to boost body confidence  resilience and courage. 


-The  Art of Forgiveness & Letting Go


Contemplating on the nature of mistakes and exploring exercises that help to befriend the painful past to help you forgive yourself and others.

-Self-Compassion & positive  self talk


Exercises that foster the transformation of the inner critic into a friend. Changing the vocabulary of the self-talk to establish love and kindness to yourself.

-Authentic Self-Expression 


Learning how to overcome shame and self-doubt by cultivating authenticity and authentic self-expression.


-Self-Love and Flourishing Relationships:


  Emotional Intelligence: exploring powerful techniques that help to build positive and meaningful relationships with other people. 


-Self awareness and acceptance 

Knowing your self and learning to  love all sides of it , the light and the darkness .


-Grounding & Softening

Overcoming hurry-sickness, taming monkey-mind and finding inner stillness with simple breath-work & mindfulness techniques. 


-Opening to Vulnerability 

Understanding and embracing the negativity bias, inferiority complex, inner conflicts, desire, and natural unpleasant emotions, such as fear, resentment, jealousy and anger. 

  • You struggle with loving yourself  

  • You are not connected to your purpose in life

  • You constantly feel guilty and can’t let go of your mistakes

  • You find it hard to forgive others 

  • You find it hard to love your body no matter how much it changes 

  • You feel like you are constantly trying to please other people 

  • You don’t have enough joy in your life

  • You compare yourself to others a-lot

  • You have low self confidence and self trust 

  • You feel unworthy of love and happiness

  • You repeatedly find yourself in abusive relationships

  • You blame others for the outcomes of your life 

  • You have a fear of opening up and being intimate with people 

This Program is for you if