The "no diet" plan 

6 weeks to a diet free healthy you 


This program is perfect for anyone who wants to lose weight or simply improve their health, skin, sleep and energy through eating tasty, healthy and nourishing food .


I give you specific eating guidelines for optimum health, avoiding disease  and achieving weight loss while coaching you on  the basics of establishing and  sustaining a healthy lifestyle  .

I teach you  what to eat ,how much of it , how to deal with cravings and make healthy eating always easy and achievable no matter how your life is.

The weight loss and healthy eating techniques I use are soo simple that you will not feel any of the stress and restriction that comes with "traditional diets" yet , they are extremely effective. You can read more about my approach in my approach page on this website.

This Program will help you


  • lose the need for diets 

  • eat healthy tasty food 

  • shed off  extra weight 

  • Move more

  • Reduce inflammation in your body 

  • improve your hair skin and nails

  • increase your energy 

  • improve your digestion and over all health

  • improve your sleep 

  • learn how to balance food to maintain your weight loss results 

  • Learn how to make healthy eating easy and achievable anywhere anytime 

Topics covered in sessions 


​ Session 1 : Why diets don't work, what to eat for health how to eat for weight loss ( sample plan included + recipes+ learning portion sizes ) ( 2 hrs session) 

Session 2:  Eating out and meal preparation what to order and how (meal prep guide included) 

Session 3: Dealing with Cravings & emotional eating 

Session 4: water , sleep & supplements 

Session 5: Nutrition label reading and how to buy products 

Session 6: How to eat everything with balance without falling off track + Basics of self love 


Sessions are subject to change. 

Program includes 

  • 30 min- initial  assessment private call 

  • Eating guidelines, plans and recipes given after each session

  • 6 weekly group coaching sessions ( 1-1.5 hour/each except first session ( 2hrs) ) 

  •  Support on a Facebook group  to answer your questions and share updates for the 6 weeks 

  •  A google drive folder updated after each session with session notes , recommendations and handouts.

  • home workout suggestions 


  • Weekly group video session via Zoom meeting app 

  • Q & A at the end of each session 

  • Action steps and challenge at the end of each session

  • google drive folder updated with recipes , eating guidelines and action steps 

Program Price:

  • 1,500 LE or $ 100 

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