Flourish in 6 weeks 


The program that has been helping hundreds of women heal their relationship to food and  end yoyo dieting for once and for all for 3 years now. In this program I work with a small group of women every round  to finally get out of that restriction and binging cycle into healthy consistent eating habits, sustainable weight loss and  a forever changed mindset. You get support from me every step of the way as well as  a  tribe of women with the same goals pushing you forward.


Program offers personalized yet flexible  eating plans to your body and goals so you can guarantee results without the restriction of diets. It also includes exclusive Weekly recorded  video tutorials  by me to help you build sustainable healthy habits and be educated enough on your body to be your own nutritionist long term. You Will  meet weekly with me in Online group coaching sessions  to help you change your mindset, work  personally on the psychological level and overcome obstacles when they happen.


The  videos and live sessions included in this program will help you change your behavior long term not just on food, cravings , emotional eating and managing your weight, but also on your self love and other areas of your life that affect your health. 


Through this program you will learn to eat healthy food in a way that is designed for your goals without restrictive diets, start your self- love journey and  create a better relationship with food and your body within a safe group of other ladies who share the same goals.

The techniques I use are so simple, they don’t only focus on the kind of food you eat but also on your psychological state and your relationship to food as well. They  focus on what feeds your soul and assist your nourishment to help you flourish inside out. The goal is to help you to eventually become your own nutritionist and be able to make independent food choices , to become liberated with food and stop obsessing about what to eat and what not to eat, to achieve your weight goal what ever it is in a healthy sustainable way and to start loving yourself and your body. 

You will not feel any of the stress and restriction that comes with "traditional diets" in this program yet you will get results that are beyond weight loss alone. It will literally change your life.

If you are willing to put in the work , commit to the journey and keep a positive attitude and an open mind , Me and other wonderful ladies  like yourself are very excited to meet you and   will be there to support you every step of the way.

 This Program will help you

  • Eat healthy and lose weight ( if that's your goal)  without restrictive diets 

  • Manage your hormones and blood sugar 

  • Break free from constant hunger and sugar cravings 

  • Understand how to deal with cravings, emotional eating and have the upper hand over your eating habits

  • Learn how to love yourself and gain body confidence 

  • Learn how to eat  more intuitively 

  • Take the first steps to self love and body confidence 

  • Initial  assessment questionnaire to know you and your goals better 

  • A structured taste buds detox that will help you overcome cravings and gain power over your food 

  • Personalized eating guidelines updated as needed to ensure constant progress along the program

  • Weekly recipes menu so you never eat boring food 

  • Weekly exclusive recorded tutorial videos uploaded to the closed fb group so you can watch them at you own pace and prepare your challenges for the live coaching session . Videos tackle one or two topics each week and give you action steps to help you achieve change in your thoughts and behaviors. 

  • 6 weekly group coaching sessions ( 45 mins-1 hour/each) where I coach you within the group on topics discussed in videos to dig deeper and overcome the barriers that stop you every-time you try. 

  •  Support on a Facebook group  to answer your questions and share updates for the 6 weeks 

  •  A google drive folder updated after each session with With handouts to support you and help you explore your self and food differently.


  • After you make the payment you receive an email with some documents to fill with your information for the personalized plan.

  • once the group is formed you will be added to the closed Facebook group to meet all members. 

  • Weekly Group sessions are held on Zoom you need a good Wifi connection and a camera to be able to join us

  • Live session is on Sundays either 7-8 or 8-9  pm Cairo time depending on each group. 

  • There is a weekly follow up progress sheet that each  member must fill in and send to me personally to update their eating guidelines and give them personalized support as needed in the session .

  • Daily Support between sessions happen on the closed Facebook group 

  • Video tutorials are shared with members weekly with a link to watch 

  • Video tutorials are only available for you to watch until one week after the program end date and can't be downloaded 

  • Handout files and recipes are yours to keep even after the program ends 

  Your Investment :

  • 1,700 LE  

  • Next round Starts on the 18th of September. Registration open for a limited number of  spots  

Program includes 

My Clients 

Mai Zahran

I never knew the meaning of a life changing experience . This program taught me that. A whole new perspective was planted for me to look at my life ; food, myself, relationships and mind. This program changed me so much, starting from how i think to my relationship with food, it helped me dig into myself , to reach self love which I have been lacking .eating healthy comes easily if you started balancing your life .

Simple rules and guidelines to follow and consistency are key. My coach always say 'your best today is enough, when you let this sink in you will grasp the whole story. Never hesitate to join with her any of her programs, trust me. Thanking Lobna thousand times will never be enough. Proud to have her as my coach and looking forward to another experience with her. Lots of love and appreciation to her.