Eating behavior private coaching

Personalized to you, your body and goal with coaching
that goes beyond just food and daily support from me

Have you been on diets for as long as you can remember, and still never lose weight or gain it back? Is your lifelong question "WHAT IS THE BEST DIET" ? Is it Keto? Is it Paleo? Is it vegan? High protein? Low Carb? Low Fat? Low Salt? Low water? LOW AIRRR ??!! 


Do you feel like you have invested soo much energy , time and money in your endless pursuit to weight loss but never got there?


And let me tell you this from the other side, I know how hard this is , but the answer is not in any of the diets you went on or will go on in the next 10 years. Even worse, you are not imagining it, your metabolism is in fact slowing down because yoyo dieting and restricting food does this to you.

Think about it this way, you can't keep doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Those diets don't work not because there is anything wrong with you, it's just because they simply don't with a very big percentage of people (which you are one of)

The WHY you eat goes soo much deeper than other people. The simple eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full has been blurred by years of eat now or never eat again or eat everything on this day of the week because its " free" but don't touch it all next week  or eat every two hours even if you are not hungry. This food is "GOOD FOOD" and this food is " BAD FOOD"  etc etc...

All these messages push you away from your natural way of dealing with food (reference babies who ask for milk when they are hungry and stop when they are full) simply LISTENING TO YOUR BODY .


In constant struggles of dieting and binging food became a way to " treat " or often " punish" yourself. Sadly , in constant Yoyo dieting your metabolism is also falling off the wagon which is making it almost impossible for your to lose weight.,  Unfortunately diets result in a terrible  relationship with food and often even body and self hate. 

  • lose weight and fat and end your dieting cycles

  • Reverse your body's struggling metabolism if you have been yoyo dieting for a while

  • Reduce inflammation in your body

  • improve your hair & skin

  • increase your energy 

  • improve your digestion and over all health

  • improve your sleep and recovery 

  • improve your relationship with food 

  • Learn how to eat without gaining the weight back after the program

  • Reduce Premenstrual syndrome symptoms 

  • Stop binging and restricting cycles  ​

  • End constant cravings and have the upper hand on them 

  • Learn how to stop emotional eating 

  • Learn how to balance areas of your personal life that affect your wellbeing and the way you eat.

This Program will help you


Luckily I have found a way to help you end this vicious cycle that I already helped soo many women with soo far (check success stories). 


It is a Four step process that I apply in this program to help you reverse your damaged metabolism, lose weight, achieve liberation with food, establish self and body love and create longterm balance so you never gain the weight back and never have to go on another diet.



Program includes 

  • Eating guidelines, plans and recipes Personalized to your goal and body done together during the session to make sure they align with your lifestyle and preferences.

  • Biweekly follow up and coaching sessions ( 30 min-45 min/each )

  • 5 days a week WhatsApp support to answer questions.

  • Food diary reviewed when needed.

  •  A google drive folder updated after each session with session notes , recommendations and handouts.

  •    Location:

  • Online Via Zoom Video meetings

  Program Price:

  • 4,500 LE or $270 (4 sessions, 8 weeks)

        Ready to start?

  • You have always been living with the burden of needing to lose weight but were never able to achieve it.

  • You feel drained because you have tried many diets before but failed or gained the weight back after losing it.

  • You want to establish a long term healthy lifestyle while losing the weight.

  • You want to be able to personalize everything in your journey from food to session discussions to you, your goal and body.

  • You eat for reasons that are mainly emotional (stress, sadness, boredom etc) 

  • You binge eat or eat to a level of discomfort  and feel out of control.

  • You are never able to follow through with diets for a long time.


This Program is for you if