Flourish in 6 weeks 

Non restrictive weight loss & eating behavior women's coaching program


Are you tiered of wasting your time and effort on diets that only last for a short time and then turn into a binge? 

Do you want an easy and sustainble way to lose excess weight ?

Do you want to learn how to eat healthy in an easy and sustainable way that will still help you to achieve your goals without  restrictions ?

Do you want to learn  how to stop  constant cravings and deal with emotional eating the right way?

Are you always craving sugar and want to have the upper hand on your relationship to it?

Are you ready to flex your self-love muscle ?

Do you enjoy being within a group and enjoy the support of other like minded women on the same journey?

This 6 weeks group program gives you everything you need to lose weight WITHOUT RESTRICTIVE DIETS and keep it longterm,  balance your relationship to food , end your cycles of restriction and binging, create a healthy balanced lifestyle that you can maintain longterm, learn to mange WHY you eat not just What you should eat, Improve your relationship to yourself and your body.

Private eating behaviour coaching

A journey done for YOU !

 with daily support .

A  100% done for you and your body program with everything personalized to you and your goal and  daily support through out your journey. We dig deep into all areas of your life and how they affect your food and health and gives you the tools you need to achieve  a great relationship to food.


This is perfect if  you are not good being in a group and like to have a deeper and more personal journey in your journey of healing your relationship to food, emotional eating and your body.. 



Private Self love & body confidence coaching

No matter how much weight we lose , or how much green veggies we eat . If we don't love ourselves and learn to truly be aligned with who we are and embrace and love our bodies, we can never be happy or healthy.

We are born into divine love. Loving ourselves, others and our bodies unconditionally . 

As we grow, We are taught to condition love and We are taught that we need to obtain certain things in life to be worthy. A degree, a job, certain personality traits , a certain body , a relationship etc..

But the truth is, we are as we are enough, we were always enough and we will always be. The sooner we come clear on this fact the sooner our lives turn to the side that is aligned with the things that brings us happiness and joy.

Signs of lack of self love include :

Eating disorders, Body dysmorphia, harsh inner voice, difficulty forgiving your own mistakes and other people's mistakes, constant guilt, constantly feeling like a victim, people pleaser syndrome, falling in abusive relationships, sensitivity to criticism, being  constantly on diets/ yoyo dieting, inability to take breaks and rest , workaholism, perfectionism, difficulty expressing yourself and your truth, difficulty forming close meaningful relationships and not feeling happy or fulfilled .


This life life-changing personalized program reawakens your love to yourself and connects you back to your body as your real home. It teaches you how to nourish your body  from a place of self love, how to reconnect to your heart's wisdom which already knows what your purpose is and how to bring happiness and joy into your life.