Private coaching

A journey done for YOU !

 with daily support and coaching that goes beyond your food.

A fast paced , 100% done for you and your body program with everything personalized to you and your goal and extreme daily support through out your journey. We dig deep into all areas of your life and how they affect your food and health and focus a lot on flexing you self love muscle and achieving a great relationship to food and your body.


This is perfect if  you are that "always trying to go on a diet" person and still never lose weight or end up losing it for a short time and then gaining it all  back.If  you feel like your metabolism is slowing down and your body is fighting back against your weight loss trails Or if you restrict food for a while and then eat it all up. If you suffer with a negative body Image and feel like you can't love your body no matter how hard you try and if you are you an emotional  eater.


Flourish in 6 weeks 

Online group program 

Do you have some extra weight you want to shed off? 

Do you want to learn how to eat healthy in an easy and sustainable way without  restrictions and without having to follow another "diet"?

Do you want to learn  how to stop  constant cravings and deal with emotional eating?

Are you ready to flex yourself love muscle ?

Do you enjoy being within a group and enjoying the support of other like minded people on the same journey?

This 6 weeks group program gives you everything you need to end your need for diets, lose up to 6 KGS and maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle longterm.