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Asian shrimp noodles


1. 6 large shrimps without shells ( you can use small ones instead if you want )

2. 50 Grams rice noodles

3. Cut bell peppers and baby spinach

4. Olive oil

5. Light soy sauce

6. Juiced lemon


1. Marinate shrimps in lemon , salt and pepper and leave for a couple of hours

2. In a non stick sauce pan, add a drizzle of olive oil , garlic and stir on low hear till garlic turns yellow then add bell peppers and baby spinach .

3. Add the shrimps to the mixture and allow 3-5 mins for shrimps to cook.

4. In a deeper pan , boil the rice noodles in hot water for maximum 6 minutes ( or follow the packaging direction)

5. After the noodles are cooked , transfer them to the same pan where the shrimps are and add 5 table spoons of the water where the noodles was cooked and start mixing everything together on low heat.

6. Add 4- 5 table spoons of light soy sauce to the mixture .

7. Transfer to a bowl and mix everything together using 2 forks .

8. Transfer to a clean plate and serve hot